Hi. I'm Kat Tretina

Approaching personal finance with compassion, not judgment

I’m a leading freelance finance writer focused on providing readers with relatable, actionable information they can use to take control of their money.

My Philosophy

Your Readers Deserve to Have Finance Content That makes room for their lived experiences. period.

A lot of personal finance content is based on shame and judgment. But that just turns people away; my work is based on a no-shame approach to encourage people to start taking steps — even if they’re very small ones — to improve their finances.

It’s all about progress, not perfection. 

What I Do

Finance Content Writing Services

Web Content

I produce content for clients' websites that is insightful, engaging and thoroughly researched. My goal is to deliver content that goes beyond the boilerplate copy with real, actionable information. All content utilizes SEO best practices while maintaining a conversational, natural tone.


Matching the voice and tone of your company and leadership team, I can help you create compelling blog posts, thought leadership pieces and other materials.

Print Articles

From magazines to product brochures, I will craft marketing copy for print materials that is impactful and tailored to the target audience.

Presentations & Speeches

I have created speeches and presentations for CEOs, authors, government officials and other industry leaders. My focus is always on connecting with the audience while organization's key messages in a memorable way.

ABOUT Kat Tretina

The Origin Story

Thanks to my own experiences with medical bills and student loans, I know how stressful debt can be. It took several years — and many odd side hustles — to get rid of it. 

I made a lot of mistakes, but I learned from them. And I use that experience to give people the information they need to avoid making similar mistakes themselves. 

I started writing about personal finance while I was repaying my student loans from graduate school (with the loans at an awful 6.8%!). Navigating the student loan system showed me just how complex and daunting the finance world can be, so my goal was to break down these complicated systems into digestible articles that people could apply to their own lives to manage their money and pay down debt more effectively. 

My work has been published by major outlets like The Buy Side From Wall Street Journal, U.S. News, Money.com, Forbes Advisor and more. If you’re looking for a writer that produces content that connects with readers — and is meticulously-researched — contact me to discuss how we can work together. 

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